Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Gifts: Lap Desk

You can see the flap for the "pillow case" above. Below the whole thing closes with a button. Next time I'd add 2 buttons instead of a center one. This does the trick to keep the whole thing closed, though.

My niece Anika is really into drawing/writing/creating. I saw this blog entry on creating a lap desk for a child. I really thought this would be a great idea. After reading the blog more closely, AFTER buying the fabric, I realized the tutorial, really wasn't was just the girl's random thoughts. So--I sat down with my friend, Kim, and we created our own tutorial/pattern for these lap desks. We prayed that we did our calculations correctly as we cut into our fabric. Turns out we bought the right amount of fabric AND our pattern worked! We changed the original design too adding different pockets, a removal foam pillow and board so that the whole thing can be washed. I'm kicking myself that I didn't make one for Benji too! I'm adding this to my list for both Benji and Auden for birthday gifts I think. Hopefully with the baby I can find the time. Did anika like it? She used it the whole week, so yes, I think it was a success!!

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