Sunday, March 14, 2010

Letter R

We made rabbits out of little r. Using watered down glue, we brushed the pink r with glue and shook rice on top.
Rainbow R: I never took a picture of the final result, but basically you glue strips of color onto the R and then turn the R over and cut it out. We then glued that R onto cardstock.

Rainbow bottles: my colors completely disappeared but I used oil, water, and alcohol and colored them. the kids shook them and then watched them separate.

We also did Rhythm Sticks to music and Ribbon Dancing in the hallway. For snack: a Rainbow made out of fruit!

another birthday shirt

Super Hero Customized Capes

I had to bribe benji with a cookie to have him model these capes! I love the way they turned out, custom ordered by the shop in vestal. The inside fabric is flannel.

**Side note: you may see some of my environmental print posted behind benji (closet). I recently hung up words throughout our house to help him with word/letter recognition. Andy is thrilled to see things like "oven" on the oven. :)

baby room

I wanted something pretty simplistic for Kayla's room. I saw this idea on a do it yourself blog. I purchased wall decals at target for $14. I then bought a variety of canvas' at Michaels with coupons. I mounted the wall decals on the canvas' to create a more 3D look and then put some on the walls as well. I love the way it looks. Another tip: some of my decals I removed too many times from the canvas' as I was mounting them so they weren't sticky any more. I spray adhesived the backs and that did the trick!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Letter Q

I had every intention of posting our letter time each week, but I keep forgetting to take pics. Here are some of Q although you can't quite see everything.

We made queens!
Painting with q-tips.
Quarter Toss!

We also did a motor skill activity with matching low and upper case letters. I read 6 little ducks because Quack starts with Q! We also did Quick and Slow races in the hallway (jumping, side ways, galloping, hopping, running, walking, etc). Quesadillas for snack! This week is R...hopefully I'll remember to take pictures!

Motor Skill Fun

My friend Kim made Benji a few motor skill activities for St. Patty's Day. I managed to capture 1 photo of him playing with 1 of them. She wrote numbers on shamrocks and painted gold coins. Benji counted out the coins and we placed them on the shamrock with the matching number. He loves it!