Sunday, August 26, 2012

4th of July dresses and shirt

My sister and I made cute dresses for the girls for 4th of July. All of them started with shirts from Target. For Kayla's I took a ruffle tank, took in the sides about an inch and cut off the bottom. I then added gathered ruffles. She loves how much it twirls.  Anika's had long layers flowing from her waist.  My sister added elastic when attaching the top layer to the shirt so it cinched into the waist a bit.  Anika loves flowy long dresses. Rayna's was a drop waste 3 ruffle layered dress that suited her spunky personality. Ben requested a firework shirt with a letter B. It was a fun day!


My friends and I have been making pillow cases throughout the year to change with seasons and holidays. Here is my attempt at end of summer. Loving my flower one inspired from pinterest.