Sunday, October 11, 2009

2 Year Old Airplane Birthday

Welcome to Benji's 2nd birthday party! We did an airplane theme and I really tried to cover all aspects. Gate B2 for Benjamin is 2!
You can see the back of benji's shirt here, part of a cardboard airplane and the playdoh (red and blue) table.
An airplane shirt!
It's hard to see but I made giant puffy clouds and hung foam airplanes throughout the house.
An airplane pinnata stuffed with healthy treats, playdoh and whistles.

Wooden airplanes to be painted!
Little airplanes made out of gum, life savers, and smarties.
I covered our dining room table with green table cloth and a runway.

ofcourse an airplane birthday cake. We used a family recipe (Daffodill cake) that holds up really well for decorati
An airplane invitation!


  1. The cake looks great! Love all your decorations! :-)

  2. You're Super-Mom! Everything looks amazing!!