Monday, July 18, 2011

Dress-Up/Pirate Outfit

Arrgg mateys! I threw together this pirate outfit for Ben-- vest, hat, and hook for his imaginative obsessions! I would actually go back and run binding around the edges instead of serging, but I needed to make it fast. He loves loves loves it!

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Captain Hammer

Ben has been really into imaginative play. He's requested all sorts of interesting costumes. I made him a Captain Hammer shirt (based on a Backyardagains episode). During Kayla's nap, he asked me to make a cloth hammer and mask. He's not wearing the mask in these pictures, but you can see the awesome hammer he's sporting!

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Quilt for sweet baby girl

One of my friend's goddaughter is in the hospital right now. When I heard she was undergoing surgery it churned up a lot of emotion regarding our time in the hospital with Kayla. When my friend asked about my taggie quilts, I told her I would make one right away and send it with all our love and support. Not bad for a quick naptime project! I want to pass on the support and goodness we had from friends and family during our stay in the hospital. It was hard to catch the quilt with the camera lens I had on, but I did my best. I wish this sweet 3 month old the very best healing thoughts around.

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Produce Bags on Etsy!

My friend Erin offered to feature my handmade produce bags at her local Greene Harvest CSA in Brooklyn. (Thanks Erin!) Here are some snapshots of her booth.

I just posted these on my etsy site (click this link or my etsy site side bar link)

If you are from the Greene Harvest CSA and missed purchasing these reusable bags on Saturday, use the coupon code GREENEHARVEST to get free shipping and pick up your bags in person at your CSA on Saturday, July 23rd! For those of you local to Rochester, you too can use that code and I'll deliver them to you!

Set of 3: $14.00

(If you would like 6, just message me, I sell those for 6 for $27)

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pac man, letter shirts

I made matching number/letter shirts for my BFF's little guy and his BFF. Master P and Easy E.
Here is Patrick showing off his pacman shirt!

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

My cuties!

My 2 cuties showing off their 4th of July garb!
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4th of July Wreath

The day before our town's festivities started I threw together this wreath. I tried to mimic a flag with scrap fabric from the dresses and shirts I had made. I used a circular foam wreath and about 3/4 of a yard of fabric. I cut the fabric into 2 inch-3 inch squares. Basically, wrap the fabric around a pencil, dip it into glue, and stick it into the wreath. Repeat close together. I really like the way it looks. Very simple and quick. I did it during Kayla's nap and Ben's quiet time.

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More 4th of July

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4th of July Outfits

I made several dresses for 4th of July. Kayla is modeling the first one.

And another... the last cute!

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