Friday, June 10, 2011

Produce Bags

How cool is my friend Erin?! She's hooked me up with selling my produce bags at her local CSA in Brooklyn. I now have 25...yes 25!...yards of fabric waiting to be sewn! Thanks Erin!

Thinking and Planning

I've got big ideas. I'm gearing up for my summer piloting and creating.

1. 4th of July shirts/dresses...anyone interested? Let me know! I'm taking orders

2. Remember my cool travel car caddies? ( Well...I've been thinking about expanding my line of portable fun.... farms, planes, helicopters.... My amazing hubby has been nagging me to get started with drawings he's created for fun with Ben.

3. Don't want to leave out those beautiful little girls...I'm thinking fairies. Lots and lots of fairies.

Stay Tuned. I better get started!

Gorgeous by EIEIO Photography

Have you met Chelse from EIEIO photography? She's amazing! She took this photo of Kayla just after her stroke (last summer) so that we could capture the beautiful girl that surfaced. Chelse is hosting a wonderful contest with prizes gallore from a bunch of talented ladies. Head over to her site and follow her instructions to try to win something (I'm on there!)!

In addition, I thought it would be fun to do a little something myself. So, here are 2 ways you can benefit from Boats and Bananas

First, to receive a custom designed shirt of your choice:
1. Comment on this post about a favorite on my blog OR a new idea I should try.
2. Head over to Chelse's blog and then come back here and post that you visited her site. What do you love about her?
3. Head over to my etsy site ( and tell me something you'd LOVE to have. (sorry it's a small snapshot of what I do).

Each comment will get you an entry into the contest. You have an opportunity to earn 3 entries!

Second, visit my etsy account and receive 20% off using coupon code KIDSARESICK since my family has been hit hard this winter and spring with sickness! Enjoy!


I'm trying. As I said, he's a wiggler. Can you see the sailboat I made him. I love this color on Ben as he's got bright blue eyes. I also made a helicopter and rocketship shirt...yet to be captured on stay tuned!
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A Dinosaur Shirt

I realized I hadn't made anything for my own kiddos in awhile. So--I created a bunch of shirts for Ben. I've been trying to capture them on camera, but he's a wiggler. Hope you can see this dinosaur. If you look closely at the fabric, it also has dinosaurs on it.

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Cute Kitty for a cute kiddy!

My girlfriend had me re-create a boden shirt of hers that was stained. A simple kitty for a cute little girl.
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Pac Man! Birthday Shirt

One of my best friends from college is celebrating her son's first birthday in a couple weeks. He's known as PAKman. So...why not a pacman shirt to celebrate this occasion?! I did it on the large size, but think it's super cute. I hope she likes it!
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Crayon Pad Rolls

I forgot to take a picture of the inside...but remember these puppies? And how cute is this fabric! If you want to view the inside, check out this link:
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Flower Tutus

I love love love flower tutus. Or, tutus stuffed with anything. Think of the possibilities. Remember when I stuffed some with leaves (, or what about the christmas tutus ( I stuffed with bells?

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Birthday Crown

I love doing birthday crowns. This is the first time I added flowers to the felt as well. I make my crowns from wool felt, interfacing, and usually accents like buttons, flowers, gems, etc. I custom make them to match outfits or themes as well (boy and girl).

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Airplane Birthday Shirt

I usually don't mix different patterns like this, but I loved the way it turned out. I actually don't think the pictures do the shapes justice. The blue has some swirls in it and it popped right out. I hope the birthday boy loved this too!

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Thanks for visiting!

Thanks for visiting if you headed on over from EIEIO photography! I'll be posting some more images tonight! Vacation and sick kiddies put me behind! :)