Thursday, October 29, 2009

Little Turtle

Benji loves his turtle costume! It took me 3 hours to cut out the fabric, but it was worth it. How cute does he look?

Thanksgiving Shirts

I seriously love, love, love this shirt!

Halloween Shirts in Action

A few of my friends sent me pics of their kids in the shirts I made them. Aren't they cute models!?

More Letter and Number Applique Shirts

Letter F Week!

Another week of letters! Here is a snapshot of some of the "F" activities. Frogs and lily pads. The kids matched the frog heads that had lowercase letters on them with the uppercase lily pads. Fish for letters! These foam fish have letters on them with a paperclip. Kids used a magnetic fishing pole to fish for certain upper and lowercase letters.
F books and playing with fish and frogs on the carpet.
A little salt writing and drawing. Plus in the background, a cute frog puppet.

Above, Feather painting on lowercase f and contact paper fish. The kids smooshed tissue paper onto the contact paper and they become beautiful window hangings.

We also played jumping on lily pads in the hallway. How cute! Also, because "foot" starts with "f" we played freeze your feet. I would say "walk with your feet", "march with your feet", "dance with your feet" etc and yelled freeze in between each action. The kids loved it. We wrapped it up with french toast snack sticks and lots of frog and fish songs!

Letter D!

We searched for colorful dinosaurs hidden in eggs. We actually did this several times and Benji loved it!
Dinosaur eggs anyone? We made soap dinosaur eggs and are still waiting for our dinos to hatch. Want to make your own? Grate a bar of ivory soap. Add 1/4c.-1/2c. water until it forms a paste. Form the soap paste around your dino (or other animal). Set aside and let it dry. Plop it into the closest bathroom and wash, wash, wash until your dino hatches!

Not sure where to post these activities...crafting or personal blog, so I'm putting them here. We've been doing letter weekly meet-ups. Here are some pictures of benji doing letter D!

We also focused on dotted D's, a duck lowercase d, driving on the letter d, sink and float with ducks, sprayed rubber ducks with water and more!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Gifts for a Sweet Little Girl

I made these gifts for my friend's daughter. Benji's modeling the hooded towel. It's hard to see, but there is a border of purple and turquoise ribbon around the edges. The butterfly below is a onesie! :)

Friday, October 23, 2009


We "boo"ed our neighbors last week! What a blast. We added mini-scarecrows, candles, candy, ghost lollipops, and a ceramic pumpkin. I think we still have them wondering who left the goodies!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

2 Year Old Airplane Birthday

Welcome to Benji's 2nd birthday party! We did an airplane theme and I really tried to cover all aspects. Gate B2 for Benjamin is 2!
You can see the back of benji's shirt here, part of a cardboard airplane and the playdoh (red and blue) table.
An airplane shirt!
It's hard to see but I made giant puffy clouds and hung foam airplanes throughout the house.
An airplane pinnata stuffed with healthy treats, playdoh and whistles.

Wooden airplanes to be painted!
Little airplanes made out of gum, life savers, and smarties.
I covered our dining room table with green table cloth and a runway.

ofcourse an airplane birthday cake. We used a family recipe (Daffodill cake) that holds up really well for decorati
An airplane invitation!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A brother / sister combo shirt

My friend Renee had a new baby about 4 weeks ago, and I put these shirts together for her. They call their son "P" for Pierson and their new daughter "M" for Emma.