Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Process art

I was reminded this morning of the importance of process related art. Kayla was painting an apple tree. She had a trunk, leaves sponge painted with green, and apples made with fingers dipped in red. Then she proceeded to mix and paint over it. My type a personality had to take a back seat. The importance of this painting was the experience and experimentation. So... That's how we ended up with this....

Friday, September 21, 2012

Lego star wars here we come!

Ben's birthday is fast approaching. He has requested a Star Wars Lego party. Yikes!! I convinced him we could have simple invites this year. Here is a peak. I have to now plan the rest. Give me strength!

Hot mama?

Ben just started preschool. On the first day of school, Kayla and I went shopping! Shoe shopping! She picked these out.... "momma these are cute. Sooo pretty."

Work space

I've reclaimed my work space. Sorry for the dark picture but it's late and in my basement. Usually it's piled with projects but I'm determined to be more organized! Hard to do with 2 little ones but it's a start.

Artists row

Thanks to everyone for supporting me this year at Artists' Row! It was a great show. Hubby and kiddos arrived with lunch. I don't usually get to show off what I do to them, so it was a nice treat! I'll be posting more pics soon! Mark your calendars for October 13th 10-2 at 4 E Henrietta Rd for a great kids Harvest fest and craft show!

Blood sweat and tears

Working furiously on my car caddies before artists row. I lost my work space in the basement due to crazy water issues so my hubby was super patient with me! I took over our dining room for a week in preparation. Whew!

Mermaid tales

New this year! Just designed these mermaid tales. It was hard finding the right length, but I think I got it!

Grrrrrr. Dino tails

Superhero capes


Mommy school

Monday, September 3, 2012

Adventures in Mommy School

We are ready for "Mommy School!"  Ben starts a 3-day a week preschool in a couple weeks, but I wanted to do something for both Kayla and Ben.  My goal is to give them something to work on together, give us some guided learning time together, and have some structure to our schedule to explore a wide range of topics.  I needed time to work on Kayla's hand strength and an opportunity to encourage Ben to grow in his reading as well.  I'm all set up and ready to go. I'll take some pictures this week and post so those interested can get an idea of what we are doing week to week.

In other news, I'm gearing up for craft show season, although I think I'm only doing 3 small ones this year.  I have a lot of left over products from last year, but I'm still trying to make some new things. I always have bigger thoughts than time though, so we'll see how it goes.  More pictures to come soon!