Tuesday, October 2, 2012

King robe

I got a special order for a king robe for Halloween. This is what I came up with.  A full draping robe with shiny gold trim and a fuzzy collar... so fun!

Do you want to make one of these yourself? Here is a short, tutorial of sorts. I couldn't take pics in my dark basement, but I figured I'd type up some thoughts.

Fabric (I chose shiny costume purple and a plush velvety costume fabric)
--How do you figure out how much? How long do you want your robe/cape? Take that number, double it, and add a few extra inches for seams
--My 2.5 year old needed it to be about 30 inches.  I bought 2 yards of each to be safe.
Elastic (about 5 inches)
A small amount of fuzzy fabric for the color
Trim (the length of the side of the cape) x2 (in this cape I chose a shiny gold ribbon, but another one I did, I did a gold threaded ric rac)

1. Lay your fabric out the way you bought it at the store. Unfold it and fold it the other way, matching raw edges.
2. Cut 2 lengths of scrap string or ribbon (4 inches (neckhole size) and 30 inches (or whatever length you want your cape). Tape ends to chalk or marking pen.  Holding string to one corner of the folded fabric (make sure you choose a corner that has an open end and a folded end), pull string taught and mark fabric in a u-shape from side to side.  Repeat with the larger string.
3.  Cut along markings. (If you open up your cut piece you'll have one side of the cape).
4. Repeat for other fabric.
5.  Choose the outside fabric, and lay trim or fancy ribbon along the edge. Make sure it's about an inch from the edge. Pin in place.  Carefully sew down each side of the fancy trim (or down the middle depending on the trim you chose).
5. Repeat for other side of the cape.
6.  Cut collar shape out.  I cut one piece out of white fuzzy fabric, and one out of the shiny costume fabric.  I free drew the collar. I made the same neckhole and then drew a around about 5 inches from that line to get a collar.  Sew right sides together
7.  Lay fuzzy color right sides together with shiny inside cape. Sew 1/4 inch seam around neckhole.
8. Lay shiny collar right sides together with velvety cape outside. Sew 1/4 inch seam around neckhole.
9.  Make velcro neck tie: cut a 4x9 piece of fabric and sew right sides together along long side to make a tube.  Turn right sides out.  Thread elastic through. Sew one end down. On the other end fold fabric down to seal edge. Sew velcro over fold.
10. Lay capes right sides together. Slip neck tie between capes (right under collar). Make sure your velcro is facing the shiny side of the cape. Pin around cape
11. Sew around cape leaving gap on the bottom for turning.
12. Turn right sides out.  Push corners out.
13. hand stitch hole closed.
14. Add piece of velcro (line up with neck tie) to the opposite side (but front) of the cape as the necktie.
15. Trim threads and you are done!  Happy Sewing!

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