Thursday, October 29, 2009

Letter D!

We searched for colorful dinosaurs hidden in eggs. We actually did this several times and Benji loved it!
Dinosaur eggs anyone? We made soap dinosaur eggs and are still waiting for our dinos to hatch. Want to make your own? Grate a bar of ivory soap. Add 1/4c.-1/2c. water until it forms a paste. Form the soap paste around your dino (or other animal). Set aside and let it dry. Plop it into the closest bathroom and wash, wash, wash until your dino hatches!

Not sure where to post these activities...crafting or personal blog, so I'm putting them here. We've been doing letter weekly meet-ups. Here are some pictures of benji doing letter D!

We also focused on dotted D's, a duck lowercase d, driving on the letter d, sink and float with ducks, sprayed rubber ducks with water and more!

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